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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It's here.

And there's a very nice review of it out there, too, courtesy of Mark Fossen at Focused Totality. "Jamie S. Rich hits all the marks, and starts to develop some interesting characters in this first volume...Marc Ellerby's art is wonderful, almost a streamlined Matt Groening, and he is able to swing back and forth from comedy to romance on a dime...I'd especially recommend this to fans of Nana, who might be looking for something else working that delicate balance of music and romance and comedy." (Complete blurb in link.)

Need to buy it online? It should be listed here shortly.

Marc is pretty much done with vol. 2, vol. 3 is written, and I have the beginning of the script for vol. 4.

In other comics news, Joëlle Jones is inking her heart out on 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. I should have a good chunk of it to show off at SDCC. We are looking at an August completion date and an October pub date. It will definitely be available for Stumptown, but we're thinking of trying to have it for SPX, as well, in which case I would be attending. The book is going to be gorgeous, and the cover should knock your socks off. Last I heard, Lee Loughridge (Human Target immediately springs to mind as one of the awesome books his name graces) will be coloring it.

Yesterday I read through where I am at on Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? and it was one of those pleasant, "Who wrote this? Because he's good" experiences. It's amazing how much I forget, and how the stories sneak up on me when reviewing them. It doesn't feel like it's me, but more like I am merely the bodily host of some strange presence that sleeps all fetal-like in my dome. Only did a little bit of new writing on it last night, but it's going to be the focus for the next couple of months.

* The awesome Gwen Stefani song has re-emerged in the form of an awesome Franz Ferdinand cover.

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Craigery said...

Did you pick up that fabulous Q Magazine with the equally fabulous all-covers cd stuck to the front? That's where I heard the Franz Ferdinand cover! Check out The Sugababes' take on Arctic Monkeys' 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, that's where I heard it. My friend Christopher hooked me up with it this weekend. There is so much good stuff on there. The Richard Hawley and Elbow songs are great, too.

1031 said...

I really enjoyed the first volume. It was pretty funny, and a little sad. I certainly know how it feels to want someone who can't want you back.

Looking forward to volume two.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Thanks, 1031. The funny and sad was certainly a balance I was going for. I appreciate hearing it came across.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime!
I knew Snoopy from Canters in 1964-66! I would love to get in touch with him. My name is Michele. My email is odharma39@aol.com. I grew up down the street from him. Jaime please feel free to respond to me before you give me any info.
Kind Regards,

Jamie S. Rich said...

Snoopy? Huh?