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Friday, June 30, 2006


There is now an iMix available covering the first half of Permanent Records.

Yup, we're halfway there.

This is my first mix for iTunes. I found it to be kind of afrustrating experience. Beyond the things that weren't available, I had do spend a lot of time trying to make sure my file names matched their file names. In three cases, I actually gave up and bought songs I already owned on CD just because I got tired of trying to make them match. In a couple of cases, I chose songs by later projects of certain artists, as the band I was writing about was unavailable; in the case of the Divine Comedy, only one album was online, so I picked one that matched stylistically to A Short Album About Love. Three entries had no songs available at all. Most frustrating was the case of Love, today's selection in the series. Obviously, "Revelation" would have been the best choice, but it was listed as "Album Only." What the hell for?

More frustrating was the inability to edit once the list was posted. I discovered I had linked to the wrong blogpost. Live and learn. I hope to do these for my books in the future.

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Travis said...

I've never done an iMix for those exact reasons.