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Thursday, June 29, 2006


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Some more reviews of Love the Way You Love vol. 1:

* Marc Mason at the Comics Waiting Room: "Rich has long been comics’ hippest and slyest cat, with a knowledge of music matched by few. His novel work, like CUT MY HAIR, demonstrates his mastery of this sort of tale, so you’d expect no less than a comic that not only has a twinge of real heart to it, but also makes you feel like the coolest kid in the room for reading it." (more here)

* Greg McElhatton at iComics: "[Ellerby's] figures are lively and animated, and he's able to bring out the human, emotional side of Rich's script. I also have a good deal of appreciation for Ellerby having actual fashions and different outfits throughout Love The Way You Love. It's nice to read a comic where you get the impression that the artist knows what people are wearing and gives a nice visual variety to the characters." (more here)

* Vroom Socko at AICN: "I’m seriously ambivalent about this particular book...[but] the final page does have an interesting hook to it, and the second half has a lot more verve to it than the first." (more here)

Vroom is local, so I may sneak up on him in public and give him a real pinch.

If you've read it and want to give feedback, leave your thoughts here, drop me an e-mail, or come by our thread at the Oni message board.

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