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Monday, June 12, 2006


This week's new DVDTalk reviews:

* Ah! My Goddess: In Your Eyes, vol. 5 in the anime series

* The Quick & the Dead/Bite the Bullet, a double pack of Gene hack man Westerns

* Set To Kill, a Hong Kong crime thriller that's almost good
Don't be too surprised if it's quiet around these parts this week.

I've just rounded page 400 on my second readthrough of The Everlasting since Tuesday, and we're going to have to do corrections and finish off all the other design elements for upload to the printer by Friday. This, naturally, takes precedence. The good news is that the book is gorgeous and I'm actually enjoying reading it rather than cringeing. We also did well estimating page count and we had room to breathe, something that was not possible on I Was Someone Dead, where we underestimated space by quite a bit.

At least the design for my San Diego ashcan for 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is done. I will start making the copies probably once the book is gone. Marc has turned in the design for the Love the Way You Love button, too. I should have buttons for all my forthcoming books at the con. Since my artists won't be there, I have to gussy myself up to get the kids to look my way.

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