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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


New DVDTalk Reviews:
* Jasmine Women, starring Ziyi Zhang & Joan Chen
* Kuchu Teien (Hanging Garden), directed by Toshiaki Toyoda (Blue Spring)

* * *

Oni now has an Everlasting page on their site. Click through and see it.

Speaking of Oni, today I went to their offices to use their photocopier and long-arm stapler to make my preview ashcans for 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. I am going to give them out at San Diego. It's a four-page preview, the whole of chapter 4. It came out really well.

They also had a surprise waiting for me: the first sample of a printed issue of Love the Way You Love! It was fresh out of the box. The printer sends copies in advance so that it can be checked over before it ships out to stores. The comic printed beautifully. I am so excited to see it in on the stands next week.

I also got my first piece of fan art ever for one of my books. My friend Terry Green, who previously did this awesome Audrey, did a quick sketch of Tristan for fun. Check it out:

In other firsts, Love the Way... got its first review last week. I post it in interest of offering all sides, because it's sadly mediocre. It's by Chris Allen, and you can read it here. I accept some of the criticism as a fair reaction, but in total, I think he's a bit off the mark in how much time he spends comparing us to Scott Pilgrim. I love Scott Pilgrim, but it's not really what Marc and I were trying to emulate. We may share some genre similarities, but it's like comparing The Matrix to Serenity because they are both sci-fi movies and complaining the former doesn't spend enough time on other planets.

But this is the risk, right? I know you're all going to love it, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

so did you know my cat is named sadie? you totally named lance's cat after mine didn't you?

Jamie S. Rich said...

No, man, she's named after my cat, Sadie.

Of course, in later stories when Lance gets a second kitten and names it Terry--that's only somethign the biggest geeks will understand.

Anonymous said...

Um, it's Terry Blas, Jamie.

And why is the new kitten named Terry? I know it's nothing to do with me...just curious.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Since you asked...

Stephen and I are both Suede fans, and Suede has a couple of songs with a girl named Sadie. She's a scary sort, kind of cold, and maybe just a little bit loose with her morals.

In early Suede days, Sadie had a boyfriend named Terry. The most famous exploit of Terry is an unreleased song called "Going Blonde," with a refrain of "Terry, oh Terry, Terry's going blonde." It later became Elastica's "See That Animal."

Coincidentally, I am right now writing the Permanent Records for Friday, and it's for Suede's Singles compilation. Neither kitten appears, alas.

Denny said...

I am so excited about Love the Way You Love! Glad to hear they printed so well...I bet that fresh out of the box smell is heavenly.