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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"And don't believe me
If I claim to be your friend
'cos given half the chance
I know that I will kill again

I've been waiting for this Q&A with Johanna Draper Carlson on Publisher's Weekly. We did the interview several months ago, shortly after she posted her amazing review of You Have Killed Me. As I've said before, I think Johanna really gets what I was after, clearly is facile with the genre, is uber-familiar with my bibliography, and is just a smart cookie!

A taste:

"Although it echoes classic novels, Rich emphasized how this story was always envisioned in the comic format. 'I couldn't do You Have Killed Me the same way in prose. The narration, for instance, wouldn't work. The free-form philosophizing would have to be interrupted for descriptions of what is happening. In a comic, I can have the words work on one level and let the pictures do something else. Or the playing with light and darkness, the whole visual design of the climax, that's something a comic book can do that a novel never can.'"

Again, please read the whole thing.

And listen to what inspired the above post title:

Current Soundtrack: Jarvis just replaced some new Múm, and then got replaced by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds performing "I'm Gonna Kill That Woman"

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Johanna said...

Thanks so much for your patience, your participation, and your generous compliment!