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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Um, okay. This is just bizarre.

So, today, I am walking down the street with a friend, and I see this woman feeding a parking meter. She looks familiar, and our eyes meet, and we trade a sort of weird, confused, knowing (?), empathetic (?) closed-mouth smile.

As we pass, my friend says, "Do you know her?"

"Yeah, this is really freaky, but I think that's the woman who ran out of the jury room crying when we delivered the guilty verdict on Wednesday. We're not sure who she is, we don't think it was his wife, maybe his mother."

My friend said, "Oh, because I know her. She used to be a regular at the restaurant where I worked several years ago. She used to come in all the time and get really wasted at the bar."

We compared notes. Her drinking companion at the time was a short man, much younger, with lots of tattoos, including sleeves that were skulls and devils and stuff.

Which would be the man we convicted.

Apparently, they didn't act like a couple, so the mother theory is possible.

I don't think it really is a small world the way they say, there are more people we don't know than there are people each of us does know. I do, however, think coincidences make it seem small just for the fact that it's so surprising that on a planet this big such unbelievable happenstance can occur. I'm still reeling several hours later.

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