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Monday, August 10, 2009


God, I feel like I can finally catch my breath.

As you can likely tell by the flurry of posts here, the last two weeks--the weeks immediately following Comic Con--were crazy busy. I felt like I was running just to keep up. Worst of all, I was doing so while having a lingering chest cold and also enduring a record heat wave. And, I had a deadline that I had to meet by today, and the assignment just seemed to take forever to get through.

So, yeah, a bit of a pause. I should be resuming life again shortly. I even hope to start a new project this week. After I make it through three movies screenings in the next two days. Huzzah!

I am pretty sure Floating World got some pictures of our signing. I'll link to them once they are up.

In the meantime, new Brett Anderson...

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