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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


For those in or around Portland, Joëlle Jones and I will be signing books at Floating World Comics this Thursday, starting at 6 p.m.

We will be joining the party to celebrate the opening of the gallery show NUTS & BOLTS – The Artwork of Robopocalypse and Teenage Dinosaur. The show features many fine local artists, including our pals Matt Grigsby, BT Livermore, and the incomparable, unrepeatable Terry Blas.

Come down, bring offerings, it should be a really good time.

Unrelated, but I am finishing this post listening to the new Muse song "Uprising," and has anyone else noticed that the intro and the fuzzy riff that runs all through the song is exactly the same as Christina Aguilera's "Keeps Gettin' Better"? Compare: Muse & Xtina.

Current Soundtrack: Lavender Diamond, "Purple Rain;" Beastie Boys & Nas, "Too Many Rapper;" Muse, "Uprising"

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1 comment:

mark said...

Hey look, there's that art again.

BTW, I now have 2 copies of the book. Maybe we can do some kind of giveaway for the other one when the issue comes out.