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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. I've written some other books, too. Boy wunderkind Marc Ellerby must have a quicker Google alert than I do, because he sent this new review of Love the Way You Love, Side B from Playback:stl along.

Here's an excerpt, but click through to get the whole enchilada:

"It's all very angsty in a teenage/twenty-something sort of way: from the outside it seems like there's nothing very major going on, while from the characters' points of view the world positively rotates on its axis according to their states of mind and heart.

Marc Ellerby's illustrations accomplish something which is really quite difficult: they catch the spirit of the characters and their milieu and make both seem entirely real while at the same time leaving them non-specific enough that the story could take place in any number of locations (Ellerby works from London, while author Jamie S. Rich is located in Portland, Oregon). Maybe there's a statement about international youth culture in there, or maybe it's just a style he has perfected. Anyway, it's the perfect match for Rich's text."

I'd say the writer, Sarah Boslaugh, gets the book very well, all within the spirit it was intended.

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Marc Ellerby said...

Boy wunderkind Marc Ellerby must have a quicker Google alert than I do...

(i was googling myself on the train)