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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Comics writer and one of the main dudes at the Portland Mercury, Erik Henriksen, gives Spell Checkers another great plug in his Stumptown rundown over at his blog.

To wit:

"A special shout-out regarding Spell Checkers, the latest project from my pals Jamie S. Rich and Joëlle Jones, created with artist Nicolas Hitori de. I read it last night in a single sitting and had an absolute blast doing so—it’s funny and clever and gorgeous and (if there is such a thing) charmingly mean-spirited. The book follows a trio of teenage witches, but instead of washing down chocolate frogs with Felix Felicis at Hogwarts, they spend their days cheating on tests, seducing boys, and making life a living hell for all of the non-magical kids in their school. It’s definitely recommended, and you should go out right now and buy several copies—or at least head over to Oni Press for more info, including a 22-page preview. Also, Jamie, Joëlle, and Nicolas will have a table at Stumptown this weekend, which conveniently brings this whole post (sort of) full circle."

His reference to this Felix person makes me feel like one of the girls. "I don't know what that is. Are you speaking Na'vi again?"

Erik is the scribe behind The Warriors: Jalibreak, which he blabs about here. The first issue came out from the Dabel Bros., and hopefully Dynamite is getting it back on track. I enjoyed it, and I have actually never seen the original The Warriors movie, so he must have done something right.

And since I am listening to Morrissey at the moment, might as well post the song that gave Spell Checkers its first chapter title, and which is the unofficial subtitle of the volume: "Because of My Poor Education."

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