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Monday, April 19, 2010


One of my favorite interviewers, Tim O'Shea over at Talking Comics with Tim, grills our little pal Nico about Spell Checkers.

Read the full interview here, but here's a sneak:

O'Shea: You really execute some interesting panel layouts on certain pages, was that something you and Jamie discussed doing or was that totally your idea?

Hitori de: Jamie’s script was actually very clear with panel description but I was free to draw the panel layouts by myself. I think panel arrangement is especially important for the storytelling, it gives the book rhythm and establishes atmosphere. I’m heavily influenced by cinema and I always try to think of the page as a movie storyboard. I also like how dynamic manga pages are, with big twisted panels and characters coming out of them.

Again, Spell Checkers goes on sale Wednesday!

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[ignore the on sale date at Amazon, it will be in stock shortly]

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