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Monday, April 19, 2010


Spell Checkers is out this week, and I just got back from the C2E2 event in Chicago where we debuted the book and promoted the hell out of it. Some interesting product opportunities are possibly on the horizon, too, stuff we will be firming up shortly.

For those who came to C2E2, thanks so much! It was a fun show, and the fans were wonderful.

For those who didn't, check out Charlie Chu's Oni-centric Flickr stream from the show.

Also, Comic Book Resources has a really good write-up of the Oni Press panel, which I was a part of. This snazzy picture of myself and Ray Fawkes comes from that.

You really need to check out Ray's book Possessions. It's awesome.

Stumptown is this weekend. The show released its floorplan, and Joëlle, Nico, and I are sitting at page 16, right next to the Oni table. Nico is currently scheduled to fly out here on Thursday. Fingers crossed. He had rescheduled for today, and that flight got canceled, too.

By the way, Tales from the Parents Basement have a podcast from Emerald City that includes Joëlle and myself, a quick snippet around the 37-minute mark. They also talk about meeting Mike Allred just before us, starting just past the 35-minute mark. The actual interviews then show up later, with Joëlle and I at around 54:40.

Tales from the Parents Basement - Issue 54 - Emerald City Comic Con Review - Part 1!

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