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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Over at Robot 6, every Sunday is "What Are You Reading?" day, when a bunch of the writers for the blog share the books they've read this week.

This week, Brigid Alverson read an advance copy of Spell Checkers:

"Spell Checkers is the bad-girl answer to all those cute high school witch stories. The three antiheroines of Jamie S. Rich’s graphic novel, due out from Oni in two weeks, basically mugged a witch for her spell book and have been using it ever since to ensure they are top dogs at home and at school. With basically no controls, they smoke in school, cheat on their homework, skip out of gym, and slag on each other constantly. They are terrible role models but a lot of fun to watch. Joelle Jones, whose work I really admired in Token, designed the characters and draws the flashback sequences, while Nicolas Hitori De handles the rest of the artwork, using a manga-influenced style that’s a bit heavy on the screentones for my taste. The story is great, though, and it’s a lot of fun watching the main characters be as bad as they can be."

Read the full article here. Brigid also makes me curious about Alice in the Country of Hearts, and their guest reviewer is Dylan Horrocks, author of Hicksville.

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