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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and that means that all over the U.S. (and maybe even outside it), comic book retailers are going to have lots of free comics for fans and non-fans alike to give a try. This includes the first issue of Oni's awesome The 6th Gun by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, which I cannot recommend enough. I read it in Chicago and loved it.

You can look at the offical FCBD site for more info on stores in your area, but if you're in Portland, you can also plan to come see myself and Joëlle Jones at the Things from Another World on Sandy. We'll be there from 4-7, and I'm excited because we'll be sharing time with Steve Lieber, Erika Moen, and Terry and Rachel Dodson. Peep the full TFAW signing schedule for all their locations here. They promise that plenty of our books will be on hand--alas, those will cost you!

My pals Mike and Laura Allred will also be out and about, though they'll be at Cosmic Monkey.

Other quick links:

* Colleen Mondor reposts her review of You Have Killed Me at a noir-oriented site.

* Another great plug for my Audrey Portfolio, this one from Ducktastic.

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