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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The San Diego Comic Con International is now upon us. Lord, help us all.

For those of you out there who are amongst the great unwashed that will be attending, you can find me at these specific times at the Oni Press booth:

Thursday: 3:00-4:20 (dude!)
Friday: 6:00-6:50 (w/Chynna Clugston & Jen Van Meter)
Saturday: 1:30-2:50 (w/Chynna Clugston)
Sunday: 12:00-1:20 (w/Jen Van Meter)

My novels will be on sale for those who don't have them.

I believe I am also expected at the Oni panel on noon on Saturday. It hasn't been mentioned outright, but I am told that the announcement of my future Oni plans will be made there, so one assumes. Check your program for locations. I would also suggest that non-attending readers look at sites like Newsarama and Comic Book Resources. They should be doing daily reporting from the show, so check their sites that evening. I am sure some mental defective somewhere will be doing podcasts, too. (Seriously, why do we need to now hear each other? My voice is that of an adolescent newt. No one needs to hear that.)

I'll miss not having my Jiminy Cricket there this year. Andi Watson, my friend and collaborator, always seems to be around when drunken Jamie is looking to get up to no good with drunken indie comics girls. He masks his cockblocking by teaming up with me in teasing them, and then somehow is always there to chaperone me back to my hotel. He's very subtle about it. If I get a venereal disease this year, it will be all his fault.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think Andi has enough to worry about w/ out having to claim responsiblity for the effects of your fun in San Diego?

Jamie S. Rich said...

and you are?

Anonymous said...

Not me, bud, I still love ya!
I thought it was the football-sized tatt of Brett Anderson's face that put the laydeez off and not moi?