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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I've just been informed by the hyper intelligent Slave Labor editrix that when her pal and marketing maven Deb Moskyok called me "natty," it was not "gnatty" and did not carry the connotation of having clothes that had been picked apart by bugs, as I had envisioned; rather, it has many old school meanings, all of which are highly positive. Such as, "Of a person: exhibiting or characterized by dainty tidiness, taste, or skill, esp. smartly and fashionably dressed. Also occas. of a person's actions or behaviour. In early use perh. with a sense of crafty, cunning."

My apologies. All I can offer is that I am a bear of very little brain, and my head is rarely out of the honey pot.

Of course, that still doesn't excuse Joe Nakamura for refusing to sit on my lap. But, oh well...

Current Soundtrack: INXS still (it's got two discs!)

Current Mood: many apologies...no, really


Anonymous said...

Wow... you are SO going to be "Natty Bumppo" from now on.

mov2046 said...

I don't know enough about Joe Nakamura, except that he is an actor/model. Do you know any movies or TV shows he is in that I could check out? Many thanks.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Wrong Joe, my friend. I'm referring to a guy who works for SLG, the comic book company.