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Sunday, July 17, 2005


It's the tail end of the Comic Con. I considered posting over the course of the show, but did not really have time...or probably more accurately no real inclination. In a lot of ways, it was a bit of a lacklustre show for me. I had squared up some more manga work before I left, so certain networking I had expected to do no longer had the same importance; no unexpected source of possible work surfaced until Sunday, when getting stuck on the wrong side of the train tracks as the cattle train was going through pushed me together with an old friend. The evening still has to be closed out by the Graphitti party and probably some further drinking at the Hyatt, but I am quickly tossing this up while my roommates shower.

Saturday was the Oni Press panel. You can read some details HERE. Love the Way You Love was announced, and I think the writer did a decent job summing it up. The series will actually start the night of Tristan's final scene in Cut My Hair at the concert the day before Valentine's Day and go from there.

For those interested, Mason and Jeane will not appear. The entire band, Like A Dog, will be featured, though, as will Lenny the bouncer and Tristan's brothers Lance and Percival. The cover you see here is by Chynna Clugston, with colors by Guy Major. No artist is attached yet, but we hope the book will start next year by this time. There will be a theme song co-written by myself and Lara Michell, who will record it and we'll make it available for download.

My signings went okay. I seemed to do better just hanging around the booth than when I actually sat down. I got to meet up with a lot of friends, including spending much time with Kelly Sue, Laurenn (they both worked out all the days of the show in preparation for their triathalon!), and Jennifer (oh my, such charm!), in addition to my regular Oni pals. I also bought copies of Bumperboy by Debbie Huey, who also did a great sketch for me (the only one in my miscellaneous book) and the new Junko Mizuno, Pure Trance. I got both of them signed. Ian Shaughnessy bought me the latest Paper Biscuit by Ronnie Del Carmen, too. And my Audrey Hepburn sketchbook got an addition from Capote in Kansas artist Chris Samnee. Chynna's book Queen Bee also looks pretty swell. Also, I'm curious to check out Spazzmania, whose head honcho Lin Tam came down with our buddy Stacy Jill Jacobs, and who seems to have a high tolerance for guys like me. (Stacy was also part of the Sequetial Tart blog report.)

My stupidest joke of the con occurred last night at the Panda Inn, where Ian, Joe Nozemack, Chip Mosher, Brian Hurtt, Neal Shaffer, Martin Griffin, and myself were all dining. The long-suffering waitress asked if anyone needed validation, and I said, "I'd like to be told I'm pretty."

Con self-portrait:

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