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Monday, July 25, 2005


In what one hopes will be the final installment of pictures of me from Comic Con, Laurenn McCubbin just had to get the last word in. Oddly, she seemed to catch me at the freshest time of day.

Chynna was giving free prostate exams. (It turns out I'm clear.)

But wait! Laurenn does not get the last word! Randy Lander totally trumps her in his con round-up at the Fourth Rail: "...and talked to Jamie S. Rich, who wins my award for "sharpest dressed man" of the convention by showing up almost every day in a suit... and not just any suit, but some very nice suits, not too stiff and not too flashy. I envied Jamie's fashion sense, although I'm just not enough of a suit guy to pull that off without being uncomfortable all day."

Take that, Bitsy!

(One should note, though, Mr. Lander, that as a freelancer, for me any occassion where I put on pants is dressing up. You think us freelance-types merely joke about that, but no, it's true. We rarely put on our clothes. Naked the livelong day, I am.)

(One should also note that my most awesome current haircut is due to the new love of my tonsorial life, the amazing Melissa at the NW 21st Avenue location of Bishops in Portland, OR. Long may she shear!)

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odessasteps said...

it appears you and Chynna are going to re-enact a scene from There's Something about Mary.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. all the ladies love a sharp dressed man. you even seem to have some kind of elvis costello look going for you. which is attractive and not a slight in the slightest. - Evil claire