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Monday, July 18, 2005


So, it appears I have trumped my worst joke of the con with my general most idiotic moment of the con. At the party last night, I ended up sitting on a stool that someone had stuck their gum to the side of which resulted in green gum all over the crotch of my pants. At some point in the party, my friend Dean Haglund introduced me to a woman named Chase Masterson. She was very friendly and complimented me on my suit, to which I replied, "Yeah, but I sat in gum, so there's gum all over my pants...but at least my nuts smell like mint."

Exit Chase Masterson.

Comics artist Matt Clark then informed me that she was an actress probably best known for a recurring role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Woops.

Internet note: some of my images on the blog aren't loading. It may have to do with a crash at the host service. If it isn't corrected by the time I return home, I'll be looking into it.

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Denny said...

Wow! Your own clever wit comes back to haunt you. I would have been impressed with the line.


Marc said...

Wow that's hot!

Oh no, wait, no, it's actually just stupid.