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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Thanks to the graciousness and patience of every straight boy's temptation, Greg McElhatton, you can now subscribe to this blog for your Live Journal. Follow the link and add me to your friends list and join in this mad experiment. I don't know what I am doing, so don't expect any of those fancy tricks you LJ users love so much, like "behind the cut" posts, etc. You hear so much about old dogs and new tricks; well, you can't teach an old cat new tricks, either, but not because we're dumb like our canine nemeses (nemisises?), but just because we don't wanna.

Warning: A week's worth of posts may show up on your Friends List as having been posted yesterday. It's what happened in mine. That's life, I suppose.

Current Soundtrack: The Primitives, Lazy 86-88 - on vinyl, no less! from the personal collection of Christine Norrie! It even came with her dust and gunk!

Current Mood: good

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