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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Just because I don't have much to say here lately, it doesn't mean I'm not saying something somewhere. Take this article on Oni Press at Bookslut, for instance. I have a quote where I borrow my best rhetoric from Brit bands like The Smiths and Suede and you-name-it-they've-claimed-to-be-a-gang-in-their-early-days.

I also will likely be shooting my mouth of next week at the Comic Con International in San Diego. I'll be there all four of the main days, Thursday, July 13-Sunday, July 17. Buy Cut My Hair, buy I Was Someone Dead, buy me drinks. I'll be buying Bumperboy Loses His Marbles. Oni will be announcing some things with my name attached, and they'll be doing that contest thing, too. I saw the pencils for the first cover to one of those announcements, and wow, they were were gorgeous.

I'll be on good behavior for the most part at the show, but I suppose I should put the comic industry on warning. There are some of you out there that I have no interest in continuing any alleged relationship with. I no longer have to be diplomatic, I no longer have to be nice for the sake of propriety. If you extend your hand and I don't take it, for goodness sake, just walk away. If you think about it, you'll probably know why. Yes, it was all just business, there was no personal, that's exactly the point. And that you're most likely a jackass.

I prefer not to think of myself as bitter and angry, just practical. You remember that scene in Red Dawn when C. Thomas Howell is carving notches in his gun for all the Russkies he's obliterated, and they tell him he has to let go of his hate, and he responds, "My hate keeps me warm"? As a twelve-year-old sitting in the movie theatre, it was like a revelation. "Oh, is that it?! No wonder I'm sweating all the time!"

Of course, there are a lot of people I actually do want to see. There are a ton of cute girls in the comics industry, and if they don't already view me as their funny uncle, they will by the end of next week. Again, consider yourselves warned.

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