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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I've been checking out everyone else's convention reports, and they are all so nice and sweet and about all the wonderful friends they reunited with and met for the first time, and then we see pictures of said friends, and I realized, "Fuck that, this is my time!"

So, I now feel inspired to create the most self-important con report ever. Nothing but pictures of me!

Me 'n' Izzy

Stacy Jill is freakin' obsessed with me...

"Seriously, Jamie, the whole Brazilian soccer look isn't working?"
Dude, read it in my eyes!

Crap, why did I tuck in that shirt?

That's right. Who doesn't want to get with this?

From the B. Clay Moore collection:

Hell, even I'd fuck me right about now.

Kelly Sue, I think a Jedi just pinched my ass.

Famous Amos:

That's what I like to call my "I'm merely tolerating you" face.

Jennifer de Whozits:

This poor girl got attached to a souse.

Shockingly, that picture was taken even after her dark-clad gang had dubbed me "The Gnatty, Pedantic Dilbert." And five minutes after it was taken, Jennifer had smartly removed herself from my presence so that others might enjoy me dropping my pants and singing "The Old Gray Mare." You think I jest, but I do not...and she ain't what she used to be, let me tell you.

Keep 'em coming, kids. I'm not even close to getting tired of looking at me yet!

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