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Monday, December 19, 2005


(part I) (part II)

Continuing posting scans of my personal collection of drawings of Audrey Hepburn by comic book artists.

This kind of project is just the right sort of thing for me at the moment. My mind has lacked focus for a few weeks now. I blame the weather, with its pervading darkness, as well as the five-day-a-week schedule at the day job. Only a couple of weeks of that left, and I think once that is done, I can get back to having the energy to combat the gray. We actually had snow last night--perhaps more ice than snow, but the ground was covered in white--but its gone now, at least in my pocket of the city. And I'm working on a new manga title that has not yet been added to the Tokyopop site, so I can't tell you what it is, but it's the perfect sort of work for when your act is not together enough to wander without a map.

Today, let's do a miscellaneous posting of the Audrey picks, still pulling them from the original round. First up is David Mack, creator of Kabuki:

Then how about a little something from Craig Thompson, he of Good-Bye, Chunky Rice and Blankets:

For a real blast from the past, you can also read my interview with Craig from the year before he did this drawing right here.

Jim Mahfood of Grrl Scouts fame:

And the one that seems to surprise most everyone is the My Fair Lady tribute by Jon "Bean" Hastings. I think most all of us are only familiar with Jon's comedic work on his book Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant. So, this beautiful illo is a wonderful surprise:

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