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Friday, December 23, 2005


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We're now into the portion of the sketchbook that I commissioned myself--and when I say sketchbook, I mean it. As you'll start to notice, the scans come from pages inside a book, so they are trickier and not as good as something I can plop down flat on the glass. Today's selections come courtesy of Spookoo Studios. The first is from the head spook, my pal Christine Norrie, creator of Cheat and the artist on the forthcoming Breaking Up.

While we're here, I also have always loved this piece Christine did for my other sketchbook:

Christine's sister, Catherine Norrie, is a pretty excellent artist herself, and she's done a lot of work in graphic design. This is an elegantly simple pencil drawing:

And while my sketchbook was in the studio, a certain Welshman named Jamie McKelvie was interning there. Jamie debuted this year illustrating Eric Stephenson's Long Hot Summer graphic novel, and is soon to follow with his own Suburban Glamour.

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