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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Jennifer Sireci has been on my case forever to put my Audrey Hepburn portfolio online, and now that I'm an amateur scanner, I'm finally getting around to doing it.

The portfolio was started in 2000 by Oni Press' marketing director, and one of my editors, Maryanne Snell. It was a birthday present, and it held portraits by Mike Allred, Jim Mahfood, Craig Thompson, Jon "Bean" Hastings, David Mack, and Chynna Clugston (though, in usual fashion, Chynna's was late, arriving after the others and past my birthday; it's why we love her!). I then continued it, pasting copies of the drawings into a sketchbook and taking it to conventions, slowly collecting more (sometimes people refuse because the quality of the book scares them). Two were contributed by Ms Sireci, both by Daniel Krall. Jen Wang's portrait was the most recent one, and you've seen that. Today I will start posting others.

To begin, I am going to give you the Andi Watson drawing that Maryanne also commissioned in the first round. He seems like a fitting beginning, since I posted my Christmas card that featured his illo yesterday:

In addition to the Audrey Hepburn sketchbook, I keep a miscellaneous book as well, where artists can draw whatever they want. I started it in 1997, and Andi did the first drawing in there:

I would wager I possibly have the largest private collection of Andi Watson art on the planet. (And possibly Chynna, as well.) Sadly, my scanner isn't big enough for some of them, but maybe someday I'll go to Kinko's and shrink a couple so you can see Kitsune as Sailor Moon fighting the Godzilla-like Raccoon Backpack.

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Anonymous said...

You've yet to discover the joys of scanning an A3 page in two halves and then piecing it together in photoshop?
Fun, especially back when I went in for areas of crosshatching.
I'd forgotten about the Sailor Moon pic.