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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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I've got more stuff in my house than any man my age has a right. This means sometimes I'm going through stuff and looking for something, and I find another thing that is a total surprise. Like last week when I discovered two unpublished pieces of art for my Oni Press-published novel, Cut My Hair.

The first is a sketch by Strangetown co-writer/artist Chynna Clugston (see also: Blue Monday, Scooter Girl). The copy I have is a fax. The drawing is of Tristan and Mason, and it was intended for chapter 7, "Never Tell."

The caption says, "See? It's just like I told you. They'll destroy you. Only you and me know. No one else ever will." The image is really nice, but it was rejected because it was a little too on-the-nose as far as making one possible reading of the subtext much more blatant. We went with the version that appears on page 72 of the book instead.

The other drawing is by Little Star media mogul--and gigantic star himself--Andi Watson (see also: Breakfast After Noon, Love Fights, Geisha, Dumped). It was never intended for publication. It was apparently sent in with the original art, as written on the back is a little note saying, "Here is the original art." It's a lovely portrait of Jeane in blue.

By the way, you all know that Andi has an art blog, right? And Chynna keeps a journal where she posts news about her comics from time to time?


(part I) (part II) (part III)

Since we're on the subject of Chynna, here is her contribution to the Audrey Hepburn portfolio. This ambitious piece is posted against her wishes. She doesn't like it. She offerred to draw me a new one, but I noted that she'd just end up hating it, too.

Feel free to leave comments and tell Chynna she's wrong.

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Greg McElhatton said...

Chynna is soooo wrong. That illustration is outstanding!

Marc said...

Chynnah got the Audrey facials spot on. Really nice.

Chynna said...

Seriously, that thing is almost six years old. I'm a little better now, I'll do a new one for you!