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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"There's a campaign of hate
It's waiting at the school gates
For what I am not aware
Must be what you wrote
What you write, you swore that you'd swear
-- The Libertines

Advertising Age is conducting a poll regarding people's opinions regarding whether advertisers should bow to the pressure of so-called family advocates. In other words, should they let homophobic organizations set their agenda. This follows in the wake of a controversy surrounding ads Ford was running in gay publications; Ford made the right decision. Unfortunately, so far, people who have taken this poll do not agree. Please go and vote and tell them that you do not feel advertisers should bow to outside pressure. I've linked twice. Here's a third. The poll closes at 4 p.m. on Thursday, 12/22.

Here are the comments I made in the Talkback section:

Far too many people these days feel that they have the right to stand up and speak for everyone, regardless of whether their views are representative of a true America or not. Sadly, it seems more and more it is an extreme minority who tries to pull these kinds of shenanigans, and they get heard only because the more irrational the behavior, the louder it comes across. Shouldn't any advertiser or company be allowed to sell their product to whomever they please? Does it matter to me if my neighbor uses the same brand of shaving cream as I do if I think he's a real s.o.b.? I find it ironic that the conservative movement in our country advocates less government interference, demands that their religious beliefs be left alone, and then turn around and try to interfere with everyone else. Someone has to put their foot down so that this hypocrisy can trip right over it. Thank you for giving the rest of us a forum to speak.

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