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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the holiday season. Blah blah blah. Remember, I told you guys Christmas is cancelled?

In case some people forgot, I made it the subject of my card this year:

Keith Wood executed the design for me, and Andi Watson unwittingly provided the art (it's a panel from our Four Letter Worlds story). It's actually based on true facts. I did send out a Christmas card when I was 21 that had me entirely naked except for a bow placed over my privates. My friend and I went out into the Mojave Desert, near where we lived at the time, and she took a roll of pictures of me posing on the rocks and amongst the Joshua Trees. We went with one of me making a rather exaggerated angry face, pressed up against a boulder. It was windy and it was freezing cold, and the bow had only been stuck to my penis with the little adhesive square that it comes with. It remained on the whole time, despite the wind having a lot of force that day. In fact, it was so bad, that at some point when we opened the car door, my underwear must have blown out because it was gone when I returned to get dressed. After I painfully peeled the bow off, the adhesive square left a red imprint behind. Of course, that was the most action I got that year--or any year, for that matter. (Awwwww, pity poor me....)

I've actually started a little thing over on the Lance Scott journal where he ruminates on Christmas and the surrounding hollow-days. There are two entires, and it's titled "Jump, George Bailey, Jump!" I am not sure there will be more entries, and I don't really intend to try to shape them into something more a la "Yoga Girls." There are already rants against Halloween and birthdays in The Everlasting and an unpublished short story called "Chevelu" that has an undeliverable Christmas gift at its center, so I don't want to back Lance into a corner and make a series of him hating holidays. These are just a couple of things that came to me when I was in between dreaming and waking.

I'm working on a list of my favorite movies of the year to go with my music list, but I am holding off as there are a couple of things I am still going to see before the end of the year. I would do one on books, but I just don't read enough contemporary stuff to do so. I did, however, vote in Chris Tamarri's Comic Bloggers' Poll.

Oh, and in case you haven't seen, Chynna Clugston has announced that I will be contributing her and Ian Shaughnessy's Strangetown comic on a regular basis. I'll be writing articles from The Grangeton Bee to run in the back of the book. The first one is pretty much done...even if the comic isn't.

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