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Thursday, December 01, 2005


[partially cross-posted with the Oni blog; I actually say more about me here, though]

I bought myself a cheap scanner on Black Friday. $30 for the out-of-the-box floor model. So, I've done some playing around and scanned some of the sketches Joelle Jones has given me for our Fall 2006 OniGN, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Once again, say hello to Gwen and Evan:

And don't forget Joelle's upcoming story in the Dark Horse anthology Sexy Chix, where you can see more of her work. The writer of that story, Sarah Grace McCandless, posted the final cover on her blog. That's Joelle on the back, fourth from the top, in glorious black-and-white. And I think I see Oni-ites on the front, too: Colleen Coover, Chynna Clugston, Carla Speed McNeil, and Gail Simone!

And in case you guys think I've just completely fallen face down in the rain in this wonderfully dark Pacific NW season, I have not. Have no fear, I have been writing. Have You Seen The Horizon Lately? has been kicking my ass, but I've been making headway, inch by inch. Some days I get 200 words, some days 2000. I hope to have news about other projects very soon, both for Love The Way You Love and The Everlasting, too, and maybe more. I also think I've picked up another manga series, which I'll be starting in the coming weeks. Expect updates on all as soon as details are set.

I'm also getting very close to finishing Greg Rucka's second Queen & Country novel, Private Wars. All of Greg's books have a point of no return, where you just can't put the damn thing down because it gets so exciting. I hit that several days ago and have been trying to pack in as many pages each night as I can. I feel like I'm in a race and I can barely keep up, it's so good.

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david golbitz said...

Fantastic artwork. Can't wait for this series.

And I really loved Private Wars. Finished it in two or three days because I just couldn't put it down.