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Monday, December 26, 2005


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A big post today to send things on their way. These will constitute the last of the Audrey Hepburn portfolio as it stands at the end of 2005. Who will join us in 2006? You?

Scott Morse always does things in a big way (see Soulwind, for instance). In this case, he actually painted his Audrey in the book itself.

No stranger to color himself, as his Skinwalker and Queen & Country covers would attest, Durwin Talon took a simpler approach, while also picking one of Audrey's seemingly lesser known movies, The Nun's Story. One must always be impressed with a man who isn't afraid of the road less travelled.

As the artist for Capote In Kansas, it seems appropriate that Chris Samnee would choose another Capote creation, Holly Golightly, drawn at this year's San Diego Comic Con International:

Despite doing manly books like Hysteria, Mike Hawthorne also has quite a talent for romantic comedy, as readers of Three Days In Europe are well aware. This makes him a perfect choice for this project, and all the more interesting that he went for such a regal portrait.

Finally, one of my favorite illustrations proved the hardest to scan. Leandro Fernandez did a pencil drawing in the book, and it's really light and delicate. This here is the best I could do on the scanning:

Sorry, Leandro.

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Marc said...

I think Mike's one is probably my favourite of the bunch. That neck is gorgeous. And those eyes! WOW.