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Saturday, April 01, 2006


My good friend Kelly Sue DeConnick interviewed me about my forthcoming projects for Sequential Tart, and you can read it here.

As per usual, I get all high-falutin' and try to show off how much junk is in my brain, such as in this sample:

"I had a real epiphany reading the Beroul poem of Tristan & Isolde. It's believed that whoever he was wrote the story in serialized form, and there are discrepancies where the plot turns on a dime and it goes off in wild directions. One of my favorite shojo manga titles is Peach Girl, and it reminded me of that, with all of its crazy twists and the constant state of woe the characters were in. People have always had a love for cliffhangers and soap opera! Comics aren't as strange as we thought."

Read it all and tell your friends!

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