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Friday, April 21, 2006


This is a public service announcement: If you find yourself hanging with Lara Michell at a bar and she asks you to hold her cup of ice while she goes and pees, you should know that you've been duped. Just throw that cup of ice away, because it will have melted and then be frozen again in the next ice age before she comes back. The girl has ditched you. Evil, evil musicians!

The night was real up and down overall. Dinner in the evening with fellow writer Robert Fortney: up. The Harvey Pekar appearance downtown: down. I now feel much less nervous about my Wordstock appearance on Sunday. I love Harvey, I've worked with Harvey while I was at Dark Horse and spent many an hour on the phone with him, but whoever decided he should be booked in halls and speaking from a podium needs to rethink the plan. He is an amazingly insightful writer, but public speaking is not his forte. The first 3/4 of the night was him going over his basic bio, leading up to the American Splendor film and including a list of festivals the film played and awards it won. Things that one should assume we'd all know if we were deciding to show up at this event. The night got more interesting when he started talking about his new and forthcoming books, but then it was over.

Stolen Sweets and Vagabond Opera at the Fez: up. Both bands were on top form. Erin Sutherland of the Sweets looked faboo in her newly lightened hair. I looked like an ass with a thirteen-day-old moustache, but I danced and blurred my image with my swift moves. I had on my black-and-white shoes and got all sorts of compliments everywhere I went. It was a really good time, and I was able to laugh at minor annoyances like the woman who kept praising those of us who danced by oursselves for being "independent." "Good for us! We don't need need partners!" If you're truly independent, lady, then why not talk to yourself, too, and leave me out of it, okay?

And what's with guys in swing dance couples wearing only T-shirts and jeans? I had on a suit and tie, nice shoes, and I swear to you, boys, that outfit is actually the easiest to put together. These hipster doofuses probably spent more time finding the appropriately ironic tee than I took to assemble my entire ensemble. You've already put in the time to learn the moves, why not finish the job? Don't let your pretty girlfriend hang out there all alone looking fancy while you look like you just got out of bed.

Not having my Permanent Records done: down. But I am going to make some vanilla tea and start now. I know what I am going to do, so I will make it for Friday, no problem. I usually consider myself early by posting them while everyone is asleep. Friday is the only real requirement!

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