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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Back in college, I had a ritual during finals week where I would not shave until I was done with all my work. It was incentive to stay focused, because I loathe facial hair. I loathe many things, but nose neighbors are really up there on the list. Sooner I got done, the sooner I could spring my face from its hairy prison.

So, I am doing that again. I must complete this week's work. I must! Plus, someone keeps hassling me to grow a moustache for her amusement. This way, I can also show this person how horrible I will look with a 'stache and get her off my back. It's going to be horrible for me, because I'm going to look like my father!

My face has not seen a razor sine Saturday. I'm starting to look like this:

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Denny said...

I want a real pic of this event!