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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Wordstock went fairly well. The crowd for Matt Wagner and I consisted of about 40 or more people, only five of which were peole I knew, including Oni publisher Joe Nozemack and the ever-excellent Joëlle Jones. I had carved my moustache to try to match Tony Leung's in 2046 so I was looking dashing in my light jade shirt and tie. Even neater is that Wordstock gave all the authors silver pocket watches! I love having a pocket watch. I had one in high school and college that I lost years ago. My first stepmother had given it to my father for their one-year anniversary; I got it when they didn't make it to a second. It had an inscription from her to him that had, of course, become ironic, as well as a moon dial. I can't wait to wear my new one around!

The talk went well. Matt and I both have big mouths, so we were able to fill the time pretty easy. The audience was engaged and asked questions. Author Marc Acito moderated, and he was funny and genial and seemed to take an active interest in the topic. It still seems weird, though, to sit next to Matt and talk about comics that I am doing. Matt Wagner's one of the main reasons I am in comics. If he is God, I'm just some bad-haired televangelist who got lucky.

The signing after was so-so. I sold about one copy each of my various prose books and anthologies and talked to a few people. I had the flyers Marc had designed for Love the Way You Love, and little cards promoting all three of the books I have coming this year that I set-up--and all of these were made by James Lucas Jones for me; thanks James!--and I handed out some of those. So, maybe reached a few people.

I browsed the floor a little bit, hoping that the Cosmic Monkey booth would have copies of Scott Morse's Noble Boy (they didn't), but I did find a birthday present for someone well in advance, so that is an accomplishment. Joëlle and I then celebrated with some deli sandwiches, and I had a chocolate egg cream. Nummers!

Travis Fox also sent me some sketches for my author portrait for Love the Way, and they're all very funny. Go, Travis, go!

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