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Saturday, April 08, 2006


My to-do list is insane.

I have four separate scripts and manuscripts that are started and that I am working on, and one more I haven't really begun

I have at least one manga or manwha due every week until the end of May.

Only one of my four short stories I am currently shopping is out there at any magazines, so I have some mailing to do.

The copyedit on The Everlasting is back, and I need to go over that and get it into production and start thinking about how it and Love the Way You Love should be put together.

I'm not sure how much longer it will go on, but this past week and the forthcoming week, I've also had to pick up an extra shift at the video store.

This is not me whining, this is me sorting out my head. I am pleased to be so busy, blessed to have it be with stuff I want to do. At the same time, if you don't hear from me or see me around, you'll know why. I'm down the rabbit hole. Even as temptation beckons...

Current Soundtrack: Depeche Mode, "Precious/A Pain that I'm Used To/Suffer Well" singles - remixes & B-sides on shuffle

Current Mood: stressed

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Craigery said...

so you DO have a 'day job'! here i was thinking you were living the bon vivant life of The Dandy Writer. that was the picture in my head. i have to say i'm a bit relieved. not in a vindictive way, mind you!
there i was, drudging away at my music retail worker ant job, with a little thought bubble full of assumptions over my head...
good luck with the projects!

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, I work 3 days a week (20 hours) at a small video store. It's a nice, small piece of security. I've actually discovered that it's helpful when it comes time to do taxes on my freelance work!

Craigery said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Craigery said...

sorry for deleting that last post! i made about twenty hundred grammatical errors. full time retail will do that to you.
so i am going to steal your ideal. before my well of creativity is eaten up by the humourless environment i work in. cue Nina Simone singing 'Nobody'.

(enjoyed your portion of the Belle & Sebastian anthology, by the way)

Craigery said...

(and by 'steal your ideal' i mean go part time daytime.) good lord i have to remove myself from this computer. my brains are gone and i'm clogging up your lovely blog with flotsam.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Clog away. Besides, as soon as you post, Blogger e-mails it to me...so there's no going back!

It looks liek they just changed me from three to four days, same amount of hours--which I think is kind of off. It's not the hours, it's the days. I'd rather only go in three days, not four...so I may fight it.