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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Randy Lander over at the Fourth Rail has picked the first volume of Love the Way You Love as one of his top ten comics to be released in June. It's a nice blurb. Go read the whole thing, but have a taste: "Rich has a unique sensibility that should be perfect for romantic comedy, and Oni has shown themselves to be good at this kind of thing...." Aw, yeah!

Given that Randy links to the Oni page and plugs a five-page preview that was not there, I picked five pages and put them up, so go look. They are actually pages 7 through 11 for anyone who is wondering...

Beard Watch: Day four, no razor.

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Chris Arrant said...

So, Lander plugs a 5-page preview that didn't exist and you make one. Hmm...

I wonder what I can get away with in the future, to see if you'll do it.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Lander was merely pointing at something that was already claiming to be there. The preview was set up on the page, there were just no files put on the ftp yet and so when you went to the preview, it was red x/broken links. I had a message open to Randal J. at Oni to say, "Hey, dude, do this," but then I realized if I resized the files and renamed them to fit the links that already existed, I'd be good to go all on my own.

But yeah, you probably could make me scramble... ;)

Marc Ellerby said...

I think that looks pretty neat.
Where's my love though? Someone needs to big me up!

Anonymous said...

Nice plug, guys! Congrats!!!