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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Things are gearing up for the reading tomorrow.

Dave Walker, the man behind Bad Azz Mofo and the Longbaugh Film Festival, wrote a very positive review of The Everlasting.

EXCERPT: "Using various voices and jumping around in time, The Everlasting reads like a combination personal diary, screenplay and detached narrative observation of the life and times of Lance Scott. If this were a movie, it would be shot using various media--film, digital video, maybe even puppets--with Lance often looking right into the camera to address the audience. As a work of fiction, jumping around so much is not something to be ventured into lightly. But to his credit, Rich, for the most part, is up to the task. " Read the rest here.

Regular supporter Mason West also wrote up the event over on his blog, as did Robert Fortney over on his. Thanks, guys!

I am going over what I want to read, and I can't decide what Lance selection. I've got "Toys for Boys," one of the deleted scenes from The Everlasting, as well as the printed chapters "Laughing Boy" (page 238) and "Actually It's Darkness" (page 275). I was also considering parts X & XI from "Romeo May be Bleeding, but Mercutio is Dead." Any of you Lance Scott fans out there have an opinion?

I think I am definitely going to try an experiment and read from the 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and there is still a possibility I will give a preview of Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?.

So many decisions...

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