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Saturday, September 16, 2006


I've got a couple of reviews up this week at DVD Talk.

In theatres, take a look at Brian De Palma's adaptation of James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia.

* Christie Malry's Own Double Entry, a British crime film that's best aspect is the score by Luke Haines
* The Viking Sagas, a low-grade period action film by the director of Clan of the Cave Bear

DVD Talk has also graciously put a banner for my books into rotation on their site. If you have a site with banners and you want to do the same, please feel free to snake this here image for your place of cyber residence:

Special thanks to Rocky for designing it.

In other news, the reading went really well Thursday night. It was decently attended, and people seemed to enjoy it. I read a selection from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her; "Moon on Your Pyjamas," one of the deleted scenes from The Everlasting; and the two chapters from "Romeo may be Bleeding, but Mercutio is Dead." It was strange, during the latter portion of the night, there was a blonde woman whom I did not recognize making the strangest faces. Her expression was like I knew her but she wasn't sure I would recognize her and she was being shy and goofy, with a big smile and bright eyes. Yet, it wasn't that, she was reacting to the work, I could tell. I could see her actually reacting, yet I couldn't figure out if she was laughing with Lance's grand romantic antics or against them. She didn't come up after with a book to be signed, so I don't know if I was losing her at that point or what. It was very bizarre.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out!

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1031 said...

A quick question regarding your take on The Black Dahlia:

Do you think Hilary Swank and Mia Kirshner look all that similar? Because I don't think they look anything alike, and that's a major plot point of the story.

It really bugged me throughout the whole movie. All the characters keep saying how much Swank looks like the dead girl and I simply couldn't see it.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I didn't have a problem with it because I took it as a style thing: the hair color and hairdo, the way they dressed, etc. I would never mistake them in a club, but I could see someone saying, "There is a girl just like you."