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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I apologize that all my posts this week are, "Look, my books are getting more reviews." Beyond my desire to share, the truth is that I've been hunkered down and writing You Have Killed Me, which looks to be on the schedule for next fall. (I heard a rumor that somewhere online I'm listed as debuting this book at the MOCCA festival in the late spring, but I haven't found where this was supposed to be; still, if you see that said, I have no idea who came up with such an idea.) It's hard to tell you exactly where I am with it, as I am not currently breaking everything down in pages and panels, a lot of it is just written as full scenes to be broken down later. I also spent a couple of hours yesterday looking at period photo books for the '30s and '40s. Writing-wise, I'll probably have at least 50% more when I open the file and start working today as I did on Monday--making me halfway there or more.

But before I get back to work...

Today we examine the double-edge of reviews. Sometimes they cut for you, sometimes against. Such is the game. I ain't mad.

The Johnny Bacardi Show has a review of 12 Reasons that is possibly as head-scratchingly "Huh?" as he accuses us of being, but in the end, I guess he liked it. Read for yourself: "There's a lot to like about this book; and a lot which just isn't my cuppa...but I was engaged all the way through against my inclinations, and that's saying something. B+"

And then over at Reader Views, Beverly Pechin has a completely awesome take on The Everlasting: "Jamie Rich somehow delves deep within the mind and soul of his main character, Lance Scott, and reveals a realistic view of man's mind and how it works. While I'm certain the book wasn't intended to open the window to a whole gender's way of thinking, it certainly happened upon it, even if only by mistake, with the end results being a quick smack to the forehead as you realize you know this guy in real life!"

Hot damn!

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