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Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's official. 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is on the list for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Debut Comic. The Beat has the list here. Our category is the last one, and it's the award voted on by Small Press Expo attendees for books that are available for the very first time at SPX. This means, yes, I am attending the show, which takes place in Baltimore on October 13 and 14. Read more about SPX here. My flight is booked. I'll be there. Sadly for all of you, Joëlle will not be. (I know that'll be the first question out of everyone's mouth at the con. "Is Joëlle here?" My experience having been a Chynna wrangler for many years tells me this.)

That also means 12 Reasons went to the printer yesterday. I didn't want to make my attendance official out of fear I'd jinx our wrapping it up, and so now that our gorgeous little sweetheart has headed off to get her hair done for the prom, I can exhale and unclench. Big thanks to James Lucas Jones and Douglas E. Sherwood at Oni Press and Steven Birch at Servo Graphics for their tireless efforts on Tuesday to pull everything together. Here is Steve's final cover design:

I can't wait to see what that will look like printed. The whole book is beautiful. It was a really special experience when I received the lettering. I probably haven't read the script since last August, just before Joëlle and I met for the first time. It was September 1, 2005, so it only took a year to finish it off, but long enough for me to forget a lot of things about the book. Seeing the words again, but this time without the panel descriptions and married to the art, turned me into a reader, and I was able to laugh and cry and get angry just like you will. Joëlle's acting ability really brought the story home.

Here is a page that amuses me:

The SPX debut means the book will most likely be on stands the following Wednesday, October 18. Expect a marketing blitz to begin. In fact, if you're a reviewer or comic book journalist, please drop me a line with who you are and what you write for, and I can hook you up with a pdf (that's golightly at confessions123.com). Ditto for comic book retailers.

Cheers to The Comics Reporter for adding my interview at Broken Frontier to his list of links today.

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neal s said...

SPX is actually in Bethesda which, functionally, is D.C. 45 mins. or so from Charm City depending on traffic.

Looking forward to seeing you there...


Greg McElhatton said...

I think it's no small cosmic coincidence that the weekend you come back to DC is also when the Pet Shop Boys are playing on Sunday night...