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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Almost Missed It: Indie Snob tipped 12 Reasons Why I Love Her as one of their picks for October.

I was surprised with a copy of 12 Reasons today, all printed up and looking fierce. I knew I was going to be getting the hot-of-the-press Love the Way You Love vol. 2, but James hit me up with both. What a happy day! Two fantastic comics fresh in my grubby hands. Love the Way is out next week, and expect to be astounded by what Marc Ellerby has done this issue. Wonderful cartooning. 12 Reasons is out in about three weeks.

I'm stoked. I've got my name on some excellent comic books. Love the Way You Love is like a great pop record, a 12" that energizes your afternoon. 12 Reasons is a sophisticated album, bulkier by design. It has a soft, matte finish on the cover, cool like an autumn day; Love the Way is a shinier taste of summer.

Movie Reviews:
School for Scoundrels opens this week, and fans of Napoleon Dynamite have a lot to answer for. Fuck you for giving Jon Heder a career.

On DVD, I've reviewed:
* Avatar, the Last Airbender - The Complete Book 1 Collection, the best animated series to come along in a good long while
* Three Times, the latest masterpiece from Taiwan's Hou Hsiao Hsien
* Yaji & Kita, the Midnight Pilgrims, a contrived bid for cult status from a Takashi Miike collaborator

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