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Thursday, October 12, 2006


I have a lot of DVDs stacked up to review. Some really good ones, too. So, expect a big list next week. But, for this week:


* Little Children, starring Kate Winslet, directed by Todd Field
* The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, directed by Stephen Frears


* 12 and Holding, an underappreciated winner from director Michael Cuesta (also read the DVD Talk interview)
* IMAX: Vikings - Journeys to New Worlds documentary
* Land of Plenty, a low-budget, digital video experiment from Wim Wenders, starring Michelle Williams
* Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle, an amazing portrayal of a wonderful writer, beautifully acted by Jennifer Jason Leigh

(Cartoon by Tom Gauld, (c) 2004)

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Chynna said...

I can identify with that cartoon.