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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The latest to review 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and crush on it is the ever-supportive Marc Mason over at Comics Waiting Room. Here is a clickable excerpt taking you to their Oni Press page:

"But Rich’s superb grasp of relationships and cute dialogue isn’t the only reason to buy the book. Joelle Jones absolutely shines in her first full-length graphic novel work, proving to be a very capable artist... Together, these two creators have made one of the better original graphic novels of the season, and it has the feeling of one that will be a perennial seller."

And I've got a Love the Way You Love-centric interview up at Pulse, and it has several new pages from the third volume. You can read it here, though regular Confessors will likely not be surprised by most of what I have to say. Fear not, there are interviews with Marc Ellerby on the way. He can expose me for the fraud that I am.

Current Soundtrack: sampling She Wants Revenge on MySpace again because I am seeing them with Placebo tonight, and they still stuck. Do people really listen to this band? I'm all for wearing your influences on your sleeve, but you have to bring something to the table. This is like an eighth-generation photocopy.

Current Mood: lazy

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1 comment:

Craigery said...

THANK YOU for saying She Wants Revenge sucks (I'm assuming that's what 'stuck' meant).
I was given their album as a gift, the giver of which thought I'd love them. I now hate the band and the gift-giver (well, not really the gift-giver...but they got a stern talking-to...)