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Monday, October 09, 2006


The Newsarama coverage for 12 Reasons Why I Love Her has started. Read the interview with me here. A little taste, chosen in honor of Matt Wagner's birtHday today:

NRAMA: The book clearly lines up in the oft-neglected genre of "romance" in comics. Did the varied history of romance comics over time come into play with your development of this book?

JSR: Not really. I can't claim to have an extensive historical knowledge of old comic books. My education starts in the '80s. The love stories by the aforementioned Hernandez Bros. and tons of shojo manga had a big influence. The book that had probably the most profound impact on my approach was one that will seem really surprising. It was Sandman Mystery Theatre. I am a huge fan of that book, and I remember Matt Wagner saying the reason he stayed on the series so long was because he wanted to show the full arc of Diane and Wesley's relationship. The crime elements were secondary to their story as lovers, and the way he saw the 50+ issues was as a romance comic. I wanted to do the same thing, though I was less ambitious. I did it in a shorter space.

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