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Monday, October 09, 2006


I worked all weekend, and was really buckled down yesterday rewriting the entirety of Hissing vol. 4 and shotgunning some anime I had only just received for a Shojo Beat article due today. At about 11:00 pm, after cleansing my mind with the newest episode of The Wire, I decided to go out and get myself a drink. I don't do that ever, just go out by myself to a bar. But I did. And it was karaoke night.

I've discovered there is something zen about doing karaoke alone. When you're with friends, you send it out to them, you're aware that at least someone may be watching, or even aware that they are not. When you're on a solo flight, there is nothing to worry about, just you and the microphone. I was performing for me, really. Neil Diamond's "Love on the Rocks" and Blur's "Tender." The latter goes on for something like seven minutes, and it must have been terribly boring for the others in the bar, but I was in the moment and not bothered.

I woke up this morning to the happy confirmation that I have comic books coming out this week. At long last, Love the Way You Love vol. 2 by yours truly and Marc Ellerby will be on sale this coming Wednesday.

Don't forget, this is the issue with the song.

That book being later than I expected, it makes it all the more exciting that 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is out a week earlier.

Expect some hype over at Newsarama this week. And, of course, see me at SPX. Leading into the con, I'm expecting an interview with me to run in the Washington Post's Express supplement. That's great press for me. The freaking Washington Post! (Sarah Grace is the angel that set it up.)

If that wasn't enough, the November issue of Shojo Beat also hits the racks this week, and it has an article I wrote about the movie Last Quarter, featuring clip art by Chynna Clugston from Scooter Girl. My 12 Reasons partner Joëlle Jones also has two illustrations in the issue, for an article on school uniforms. Here is one of them.

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Travis said...

The Washington Post?!

...sigh. Try and remember us little people. (and yes, feel free to make "short" jokes as a result from me setting you up like that...)