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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So, Love the Way You Love #2 is not in stores today as originally thought. I'm told next week for sure. I'm trying not to grumble. All I can say is this has nothing to do with Marc or I, we've been done since June or July, it's just some kind of labor pain in the final production process.

In the meantime, Marc Ellerby has some kind of new blogger/photo/community thing that must be different from the others in ways I don't really understand, but you should watch what he does all the same.

Almost Missed It: Last month, Scott Hinze asked me a question about romance comics for a column he was doing for Newsarama. That was the last I heard of it, but I just found it was posted. My quote made it in, though I am no great criminal mind this time around.

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1 comment:

Marc Ellerby said...

You know, I don't really understand my new blog/community/flikr all in one either. It looks a bit daunting. Too many eggs!