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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Posted by Joëlle Jones on her blog:

Now that con season is over, I've taken stock of what is available for T-shirts. All shirts are $20 + $3 for postage and handling, and available in a variety of color and sizes. Since these were all screen printed by hand by me, I took advantage of the situation and made bought a bunch of different shirts. The stock is as follows:

12 Reasons Why I Love Her


Dark Blue with Silver ink - Ringer T, Medium
Dark Gray with Black - Ringer T, Medium
White with Black - Ringer T, XL
Blue with Silver Ink - XL
Gray with Blue ink - XL

Dark Blue with Light Blue Ink - XXL


Dark Blue V-Neck with silver ink, size X-Small
Teal V-neck, size small
White with black ink, XL

You Have Killed Me


Black with Red Ink - Large
Light Gray with Black Ink - XL


White with silver ink - Small
Black with silver - Medium

Interested parties should e-mail Jamie at golightly [at] gmail [dot] com (address protected from roving internet robots). Obviously, first come, first served. International postage will differ.

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ADC said...

awww. I would be all over the dark grey/black shirt if it weren't for the fact that it was a ringer. what kind of shirts did you print on? AA?

And it's refreshing to read someone else echo my sentiments on Across the Universe. Everyone that I've run into is enamored with it, and I was just, meh. Good enough soundtrack though...

Jamie S. Rich said...

She was waiting on her American Apparel account to come through, but it didn't come in time, so she bought a bunch of shirts at Target. They are all nice, though, hand-picked, not like a bulk pack or anything.