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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Golly, kids, I'm burnt.

At about 3:30 today I finished the complete draft of the one-shot. I don't know whether to call it the first draft or the second, but regardless, it's there. I feel more like it's second, but whatever.

I had two movie screenings come up for Tuesday, so I got a little worrried and stayed up late Monday doing Tuesday's ten pages, but then in an attempt to remain on my new track of being ahead of the game, I stayed up late Tuesday doing another ten. I then did five late last night while drunk, but surprisingly it worked out okay. It's actually kind of funny, because I accompanied Joëlle Jones and Terry Blas to Dr. Sketchy's and while I was trying to sketch this woman, the solution to my last lingering problem finally occurred to me. Maybe there is something to the whole sex and violence thing, since it was figuring out what to do in an action sequence, and it came to me while looking at boobies. The muse is a strange little minx.

When I got home, I was horrified to step into a puddle of water in my kitchen. I think the leak issues I have had in my apartment, documented elsewhere on this blog and not something I feel like digging up at the moment, have been dormant for about a year, I thought they were gone. Thankfully, this one was small and hopefully already fixed. They think it was a rain leak, not a pipe leak, which made it easier.

Anyway, that meant I slept with one ear open all night, worried I'd hear a cascade of water coming out of my ceiling. This also meant I was up early and got right to work, and everything fell into place. The final fifteen rolled right by. Ironically, that final solution last night involved water. It would have been even better if Ty Fyre was doing her fire dance, but alas, she merely posed, no pyrotechnics.

The plan now is to give myself tomorrow off from the script, and then read it Saturday, tweak it, and then read it again Sunday so that it's waiting for Jann on Monday morning.

And by the by, the thing about the story involving water, it tells you nothing. Any speculation you come up with based on that, I guarantee, will be wrong.

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steve said...

So any idea when we'll know what this project is? Or did I miss the announcement? Sorry... I've been incredibly busy lately... : /

Jamie S. Rich said...

I've been given no timeline for when they will announce it. Honestly, I wasn't even given a deadline, I was just committed to getting it done. Though, I'm told the artist was asking for it and eager to get started.