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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Okay, ignore that last post.

I couldn't heed Papa's advice, and though starting at about 11:00 I took maybe an hour-and-half off from working, even did some reading when I did, I couldn't get the script out of my head. I had a vision of the first two pages, and I decided that maybe if I sketched those out, I could stop thinking about it.

Then I had the first two panels of page 3, and I thought, "Sketch those, and then tomorrow, you'll know where to start from there." All I'd have to do in the morning is keep following the frame, creating what happens in relation to that. (The frame is like a folk tale, the main story a present day version.)

Then I decided I might as well type up what I'd thumbnailed.

Then I got to page 4, thought, well, halfway, that's a good night's work.

But then I had all the dialogue for page 5, type that up, and then tomorrow I can figure out what goes in the panels with the dialogue.

Oh, but wait, I have a really good idea for what should be in the last panel, so I should type that in, and with that there, it puts the other panels into perspective, so might as well type those descriptions.

Maybe keep sketching, I can kind of see where 6 and 7 are going.

Type those up, and well, I just have to wrap it up.

Hello, 8-page script. Hello, blog post at 2:19 AM.

If I must say so, well past my prime at this hour as I may be, I think it's a charming little back-up story. Sometimes I wish I could just write 8-page comic book stories all the time.

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robert plastorm said...

Are you really listening to Britney Spears' new album?

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, it's really awful, amusing in a one-time only kind of way.

Every song is a defensive, "I'm not crazy, you made me this way." She should do an album with R. Kelly.

odessasteps said...

I've been told by a number of writers (especially British ones) that writing 8-page stories are great ways for learning the craft.